Process Automation

How much time are you spending retrieving, processing, and analyzing data?

Using information technology, we can help you to automate your tedious daily tasks so you can focus on growing your business.

Connecting point-of-sale software to QuickBooks can eliminate the need for daily data entry of your sales figures. Rapid analysis and graphing of your financial data can help you to make quicker high-level decisions about the direction you want to take your business.

Solutions for the following concerns:

  • You spend time every day retrieving sales data from your point-of sale software to be re-entered into your accounting software.
  • You spend hours weekly performing repetitive tasks in Microsoft Excel or Access.
  • You'd like more insight about the meaning of your data by automatically performing calculations and summarizing the results.
  • You want to streamline processes on by using custom Visualforce pages and Apex Triggers.
  • You want to rapidly post to your social media accounts without logging into each one separately.
  • You often need to take information from Microsoft Excel or Access to create a PowerPoint presentation, web page, or even a video!