Customization is among the most powerful CRM applications available. It is very powerful, scalable, and customizable. We can help you maximize your productivity and customer engagement using Workflows, Email Alerts, Apex Triggers, Visualforce Pages, and the Salesforce1 App. We are Salesforce Certified Developers and Administrators so you can trust us to do it right the first time.



We worked with Matt and Teching Crew to set up our on line Salesforce application for our new business CapiT. It’s a Salesforce application to improve customer account planning for small businesses. Matt has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We wanted someone to get under the skin of our app, not just to code it, so that we could be guided to build the app the right way, based on a loose spec of requirements. Matt not only developed the app, but he took it through the security process with Salesforce and we are now on line in the App Exchange. It’s been a hugely positive experience, and we would have no hesitation in using Matt again. We’ve already asked if he’ll help us with customisation of the app for users when that is required. - Matt Rowland-Jones, Co-Founder CapiT

Salesforce Demos

Sortable Tasks/Cases

Watch the priority numbers change as you re-order the list.

  • Task A - Priority:      1 - Case: 12345    - Est. Time: 1.0
  • Task B - Priority:      2 - Case: 98765    - Est. Time: 2.0
  • Task C - Priority:      3 - Case: 32165    - Est. Time: 1.5
  • Task D - Priority:      4 - Case: 65432    - Est. Time: 0.25
  • Task E - Priority:      5 - Case: 45678    - Est. Time: 4.5
  • Task F - Priority:      6 - Case: 96875    - Est. Time: 20.0
  • Task G - Priority:      7 - Case: 01234    - Est. Time: 1.75

Assign Tasks/Cases

Change the owner of the task or case and sort each list by priority.

Jane's Tasks
  • Task A - Priority:      1 
  • Task B - Priority:      2 
  • Task C - Priority:      3 
Jim's Tasks
  • Task X - Priority:      1 
  • Task Y - Priority:      2 
  • Task Z - Priority:      3 

User Task Portal

User can sort tasks, create new tasks, edit tasks, mark a task complete, clock into tasks, and clock out for the day.

User Task Portal

Quick Create Pop-up

Using this pop-up, the user can quickly create a new task and return to the task portal.

Create Task Pop-up

Edit Pop-up

Using this pop-up, the user can quickly edit a task and return to the task portal.

Edit Task Pop-up

Customize the Salesforce1 Mobile App

Add custom Visualforce pages to your Salesforce1 app to make your team more productive on the road.

Salesforce1 Custom App Salesforce1 Navigation

Salesforce Simple Tweet Portal

SocialCrew Simple AppExchange Managed Package

A simple tool to manage your Twitter campaigns within your CRM. Available on the AppExchange as a managed package.

Find out more here.

CapiT Online Managed Package

MeetingTracker Action Tracker Insight Tracker

We built a managed package for CapiT Online to help their customers grow using NLP meeting techniques. This was a fun project during which we had the opportunity to create the app from planning to publication on the AppExchange.

Find out more here.